Kara Grosse, Maryland Coastal Bays Program

Kara Grosse recently graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Natural Resource Management.  Throughout college she had a number of different, interesting internships from working with volunteers to making biodiesel and soap.  “I am ready to turn my knowledge into hard work and develop strong skills to go along with my education,” Kara said.  Kara will serve as the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Maryland Coastal Bays Program recruiting and managing volunteers to do stewardship projects on the Adkins property, Ayers Creek, Grays Creek and Lizard Hill, and work to create better ways to recruit volunteers and maintain relationships to ensure sustainability of the volunteer program.  Kara feels that this position is a perfect match for her to build skills and help protect the environment through engaging others.


2 thoughts on “Kara Grosse, Maryland Coastal Bays Program

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