Jacqueline Murray, Dundalk Renaissance Corporation

Throughout her time at Valdosta State University, Jacqueline was very active in community activism rooted in environmental awareness.  She worked to establish a campus-wide recycling program and established a “campus Climate Council,” designed to steer the University toward policies of climate neutrality by 2020. So it was no surprise that the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator position with Dundalk Renaissance Corporation appealed to her with their focus developing and implementing community-endorsed plans to revitalize, improve, and promote Dundalk’s neighborhoods.  “This year I will reinforce my previous experience engaging volunteer activists within communities to achieve significant goals.” Jacqueline stated concerning her goal for doing a term of service.  Jacqueline is looking forward to interacting with various organizations partnering together towards ecological, social, and economic regeneration.  In her spare time, Jacqueline enjoys organic gardening, creative cooking, music, working with textiles, and hopes to continue her studies in urban design.


Jacqueline is a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator sponsored by the Chesapeake Conservation Corps.


3 thoughts on “Jacqueline Murray, Dundalk Renaissance Corporation

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