Connie Pulliam, The Family Tree

Connie Pulliam knew the power of the Positive Parenting Classes offered through The Family Tree.  She knew it so much that, after attending the classes, she became a volunteer facilitator working with parents to help them build skills that provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children.  The opportunity to become the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with The Family Tree recruiting volunteers to become instructors felt like the perfect fit.  Connie will work to recruit and manage volunteers in Prince George’s County to become volunteer facilitators for this much-needed resource for parents.  “In Prince George’s County, there is a need for more preventative measures as well as education” Connie said.  Her goal is to decrease, if not eliminate, the occurrences of abuse and neglect that occur each month.  Connie acknowledges that this is going to take some time, but she is committed to building the capacity of The Family Tree to work with parents through theses classes.


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