Kristen Wharton, CHEARS

Kristen Wharton traveled a good bit through high school and college in both Europe and Southeast Asia. “I love rich culture, and experiencing places outside my bubble forced me to question my environment and different ways of cultural interaction,” Kristen said.  Her travels and time spent working on a few organic farms sparked her interest in agriculture and the food industry, which lead her to the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator position with CHEARS in Greenbelt, MD where she will coordinate and manage volunteers in the Three Sisters Demonstration Gardens and TapRoots, an environmental science program at Greenbelt Middle School.  Kristen will also provide support to volunteers for Earth Day and Arbor Day for the City of Greenbelt Department of Public Works.  Kristen hopes to broaden her involvement with experiential and service learning to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities and build her own professional skills.  Kristen plans on attending graduate school in the near future to obtain a degree in Public Policy.


Kristen is a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator sponsored by the Chesapeake Conservation Corps.


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