A Whirlwind

We are two months into the Volunteer Maryland service year, and that means, among other things, site visits!  Twice each year, the Volunteer Maryland Program Manager and Peer Leaders travel far and wide, visiting each Service Site, where we meet with each VMC and Site Supervisor, talk about the service year and tour the site.  When I was describing these meetings to a friend over the weekend, I remarked “There was a lot of love in those rooms!”

It’s not hard to understand why.  Though VMCs have been on-site for only about seven weeks, they have already made tremendous progress developing programs that their sites have wanted for years.  Site visits are an opportunity to let VMCs know that their efforts are deeply appreciated.  Last week, I got to visit Krisia Jones at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, Gina Knyazev at the Conflict Mediation Center of Montgomery County, Rhonda Nelson at Volunteers of America Chesapeake, Kristen Wharton at CHEARS, Nina Lewis at United Communities Against Poverty, and Kat Patterson at Ardmore Enterprises.

Six visits down, eight to go — I feel another road trip coming on….

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