More AmeriLove

Yesterday, Maureen shared several testimonials from Volunteer Maryland Coordinators about what they have gained while serving.  Two of those testimonials are from Kaitlyn Fernald, who is VMC at the Greenwell Foundation, and Casey Lowe, who is VMC at the Accokeek Foundation.  Today, Kaitlyn and Casey have expanded on those statements by sharing what excites them most about what they have been able to give this year.

Kaitlyn writes:

“Without experience in any related professional field, I can say that Volunteer Maryland gave me the tools to be able to confidently walk into my service site and make sustainable changes with the wonderful staff at Greenwell Foundation. Not only does Volunteer Maryland provide expert trainings, they have provided me with ongoing support that fits my personal situation. As my service year continues to unfold, I am seeing changes within my service site, and this is the most rewarding and fulfilling reality I have come to find within my life so far. As I am giving my time within this service year, I am gaining profound amounts of knowledge, experience, fulfillment of giving and finally learning that it is possible to work within a field that you love. Volunteer Maryland makes changes now that resonate in the future. I have been changed by Volunteer Maryland, I am changing my service site, and I will forever be a part of service in some way within my life.  Thank you Volunteer Maryland!”

Casey writes at length about her experience as a VMC here.  She sums up her experience with these thoughts, “Each month when I enter all of the volunteers and their hours into the database and run my volunteer report, I’m so inspired that our volunteers are willing to give so much of their time to this organization. Just this year, in only two months’ time, our volunteers have served over 569 hours in six different program areas.  (Almost) Everyday I come to work, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with volunteers, and though it can be easy to get lost in the mundane of my day-to-day tasks, I’m lucky to be constantly surrounded by people who remind me of the reason I decided to serve through AmeriCorps in the first place.  That is how AmeriCorps works for me.”

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