Celebrating with Service

You’ll find me today enjoying some fine weather out with a number of our Volunteer Maryland Coordinators.  How are we enjoying our Friday?  With some service!

In honor of AmeriCorps Week, Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake is hosting a service day for all of the AmeriCorps members and alumni in the area.  Almost one hundred AmeriCorps volunteers will be out here today, serving together.  We are returning to the neighborhood that I volunteered in this fall, at McCabe Avenue, and I am excited about the progress that has been made in that time.  But I’m willing to bet that an amazing amount of change will happen just in the time between when we start this morning to when we pack up in the afternoon, with so many volunteers who are used to “getting things done.”

And while we serve, we will also have the chance to connect.  Experiences from across the many AmeriCorps programs available in Maryland will be shared.  We will come away from this day tired and dirty, but also inspired to continue sharing the story of AmeriCorps.

habitat americorps_photo_2


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