Before and After

One of the great joys of completing a service project is looking at before and after pictures.  On Wednesday, four of us from Volunteer Maryland served at Armdore Enterprises by cleaning out the garages of some of the individuals who receive services from Ardmore.  Established in 1963, Ardmore Enterprises supports over 200 adults with developmental disabilities in the metropolitan Washington area.  One of the many services Ardmore provides is residential services.  Kat Patterson, who is the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator at Ardmore, has been working with Krista Gronlund, who is the Director of the Facilities and Maintenance Department, to design various maintenance projects for volunteers to complete in homes that are managed by Ardmore.

The first of many such projects,  our garage clean out on Wednesday was a big success.  Krista, Kat, Kelly, Rebecca and I, along with an amazing young man who just stopped by to see if we needed help, cleared out the first garage in under 15 minutes!  While the second garage took a bit longer, we were still able to get the seemingly unpleasant job of carrying all manner of household items to the curb for bulk trash pick up done quickly and with pleasure.  And really, the pics tell the whole story.





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