Partnerships that Matter

What could your organization accomplish if you had a full-time AmeriCorps member commit a year of service to strengthening and developing your volunteer program?

This is outreach season at Volunteer Maryland.  Most weeks, we have a table at at least one career fair.  We share information about Volunteer Maryland, AmeriCorps, and the value of service. Though we know it’s early days, we hope to plant at least a few seeds that will come to fruition when the people we’ve talked to at these events apply to become Volunteer Maryland Coordinators.


The other big piece of the Volunteer Maryland outreach puzzle is recruitment of our partner organizations, otherwise known as Service Sites.  Developing 30 new partnerships with nonprofits, schools and government agencies is one of the most exciting parts of life here at VM.  Our Outreach Manager, Patrice Beverly, has been busy all year letting organizations throughout the state know about how bringing a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator on board could transform the way their organizations engage volunteers and, by extension, meet urgent community needs.

Interested in learning more?  Contact Patrice at


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