Celebrating Success

Celebrating victories is one of the easiest ways to boost morale and to share in the cheer of accomplishing goals.  Although socially we are often discouraged from bragging about success, it can be genuinely important in any line of work.

I’m talking about being unafraid to share the victories of your organization with others in your field.  Rather than making them feel small, it can remind them why they do what they do, just as it can reinforce how good it feels to have a win.

Volunteering more than most jobs, there is a lot of work that sometimes doesn’t have a lot to show.  We work behind the scenes and below the radar, and don’t always get to see the immediate effects of our work.  So when we’re able to accomplish something, there’s nothing wrong with a little celebration. Use these moments to raise up your fellows, to bring them with you to those high point moments of success.

At our Mid Year Retreat, I’ve been hearing from the Volunteer Maryland Coordinators about great things they’ve done.  For example, Jacqueline at the Dundalk Renaissance Corporation has recruited community members to testing the water quality in their watershed, as well as involving in the younger members of the community through service projects with elementary schools and Scout troops.

Also connecting to local schools, Sharon at  the Baltimore CASH Campaign was telling us all about reaching out to universities and colleges to build partnerships.  With college students serving as interns, Baltimore CASH benefits with dedicated volunteers while providing the students with valuable experience.  At another site, the Light House,  Carol is strengthening partnerships started in the Light House’s first year of pairing with Volunteer Maryland.  Carol has made vast strides in her work, strengthening the programs founded by the previous Volunteer Maryland Coordinator.

What about you – what things have you been excited to get done this year? And how about next year? It’s never too early to think about what hiring a VMC might bring to your organization – and we are accepting applications now. Be a part of the party, and join in just a little bragging – this year and next!


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