With abject apologies to T.S. Eliot, I would have to observe that April is the busiest month.  It’s National Minority Health Month,  National Fair Housing Month, and National Poetry Month.  April 3 was Maryland’s Arbor Day, April 15 was Patriot’s Day, and April 22 is Earth Day


Because we  partner with a wide range of amazing organizations, all of these celebrations are close to our hearts here at Volunteer Maryland.  But in the midst of all these celebrations, two stand out to us:  National Volunteer Month and National Volunteer Week.

In particular, National Volunteer Week, which is April 21 – April 27, is a special time for Volunteer Maryland Coordinators as they find meaningful ways to let their volunteers know how much they are appreciated.  Whether it is a posh gala, a simple potluck, a thoughtful gift, a heartfelt note or a verbal thank you, it means the world to volunteers to be acknowledged.

And they should be acknowledged!  The current estimated value of an hour of a volunteer’s time is $22.14.  Volunteer Maryland, our partner organizations and the many communities they serve could not function without this gift of time.

Whether you observe National Volunteer Week by volunteering, thanking a volunteer or learning more about volunteer opportunities, we here at Volunteer Maryland hope you truly enjoy your celebration of service… and minority health… and the planet… and trees… and fair housing… and…

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