Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Earth Day, one of the many events of April as Kerry pointed out, is here today on April 22.  This day inspires a number of projects at our partner sites; let’s take a quick look at some of the volunteer projects that part of the celebration.

Some of our Volunteer Maryland Coordinators got an early start on their Earth Day events.  On April 13, Kara and Maryland Coastal Bays held their 4th annual Earth Day Clean Up.  Volunteers came out to clean up shoreline around Ocean City, improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay and giving us the added bonus of clean beaches.earthday2

The Dundalk Renaissance Corporation took part in Project Clean Stream 2013 on April 6, bringing out over 100 volunteers from the local community to do a massive trash clean up.  Jacqueline helped plan and lead this day’s efforts, resulting in a healthier watershed and a happy community.

The Accokeek Foundation hosted their first annual Earthfest to celebrate Earth Day and National Volunteer Week on April 21.  The Volunteer Maryland Coordinator, Casey, led volunteers on projects all over the farm, gardens, and education center; before spending the afternoon enjoying a picnic lunch.  They also included a recycling drive which raised money for the foundation!

Coming up, the Neighborhood Design Center is taking part in Baltimore’s Green Week with “Empowerment through Shared Community Spaces”.  You can learn about how to adopt a vacant lot, get community support, and recruit volunteers to improve the space.

And I am looking forward to joining the Volunteer Maryland staff today as we volunteer our time on Earth Day with a partner site of last year, Quiet Waters Park of Annapolis!

What exciting plans do you have for this Earth Day?

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