My National Volunteer Week

Some weeks epitomize the word “eventful” in the best possible way, and National Volunteer Week 2013 has been that kind of week for me.  Here are a few highlights:

On Monday morning, the Volunteer Maryland Support Team celebrated Earth Day by spending the morning doing trail maintenance at Quiet Waters Park.  (Thanks goes to VM24 alum Nicki Fiocco for hooking us up!).  We worked on ridding the wooded area near the trail of rose and grapevines that threatened to kill the trees.  It was a wonderful change of pace and a great team-building experience.  A highlight was learning that grapevine sap turns into an awesomely icky, gelatinous goo if it is exposed to the elements.

On Tuesday morning, it was my great privilege to accompany our director, Maureen Eccleston, on a visit to a potential Volunteer Maryland partner site, Charm City Clinic.  Executive Director Andrew Gladdis is doing extraordinary work in East Baltimore by working in close partnership with other community organizations to improve the health of local residents.  Charm City Clinic relies on a corps of dedicated, passionate and skilled volunteers who manage cases and provide healthcare.  It was exciting to imagine how a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator might be able to help this agency achieve its mission.

Charm City Clinic
Charm City Clinic

That evening, I celebrated World Book Day by attending HoCoPoLitSo’s Blackbird Poetry Festival, which is planned and staffed each year by an impressive group of volunteers.  This year, Rachel Eliza Griffiths and Rives shared their amazing poetry with a greatly appreciative audience at Howard Community College.

Baltimore CASH Campaign VMC Sharon Baldwin attends Volunteer Howard's National Volunteer Week celebration.
Baltimore CASH Campaign VMC Sharon Baldwin attends Volunteer Howard’s National Volunteer Week celebration.

And Wednesday night, the Volunteer Center Serving Howard County celebrated National Volunteer Week by welcoming eight local organizations to join us for “Words into Action: Spotlight on Poverty,” where they shared volunteer opportunities with Howard County residents.   The focus of the event was serving low-income clients, and several individuals signed up to volunteer at organizations such as the Howard County Food Bank and the Salvation Army.

That was my National Volunteer Week.  What were some of the highlights of yours?

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