National Conference Journal, Day 2

Two days into the National Conference on Service and Volunteerism, and I’ll start by bragging: we got to hear John Legend sing live to us today.  Yeah, that was a big highlight in my day.

The top themes when addressing education inequalities being discussed as John Legend came on stage.

Even cooler was hearing him and others talk at the “Sunday Supper” about what action people are taking to create equality in education.  A Sunday Supper started as a way to bring neighbors together, come to understand each others’ views, and take action.  Hosting one at the conference was amongst the many venues that were offered to start conversations.

The next biggest highlight of this day was the number of conversations taking place amongst AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Alums.  Today was full of opportunities to discuss the impact of AmeriCorps and how the alumni of the program (coming in just under a million, if you could those currently serving this year!) might continue to serve the community as we approach our 20th anniversary.  However we do go on to serve, I believe that Ben Duda is exactly right when he said that those coming through the AmeriCorps system have exactly the skills that the nonprofit world in the 21st century need.

AmeriCorps Alums in a lively townhall discussion

I’m looking forward to more great conversations on the final day of the conference!

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