A Flourishing Garden

I feel that nice summer days are great for a little gardening.  This Thursday, we had the perfect gardening day at the Greenwell Foundation.  Our fabulous Volunteer Maryland Coordinator, Kaitlyn, planned a service project for us to add a little distinction and pizzazz to the park entryway.  Every day during the summer, scores of children come through this entryway to take part in Camp Greenwell, as well as families coming to enjoy swimming and fishing on the river.

With eleven volunteers, we were able to make quick work of laying out a design for the flower beds, planting, watering, and mulching in the morning.  After lunch, we took time to explore the park, walk along the riverfront, and say hi to some of the horses.  As the end of our service year advances (where does the time go?!), this is a chance to step back and see how we have grown in experience.

It’s inspiring to see how much changes in a year – to see all the accomplishments and experiences of the Volunteer Maryland Coordinators.  They’ve really taken ownership of their jobs, and take great pride in the service they’re doing.  And they’re excited to share their passion too – this group is now so chatty and gregarious that we almost had trouble staying on task.

But I have to remember, amidst all this celebration and finality, that our work isn’t done.  This year was exciting, and is coming to a close, but it’s not the end of our  time helping people.  On Thursday, all we needed to do is the simple, joyful task of gardening.  It is quiet, meditative even.  It won’t change the world.  But it is a small change for the future, and a project we will always be able to work on.  Big changes can come from small things, and our Volunteer Maryland Coordinators are doing their part.

1 thought on “A Flourishing Garden

  1. The staff of the Greenwell Foundation thanks everyone for their efforts yesterday. It looks awesome!

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