Small Gifts Have Big Effects

Between the work that I do and the work that my Volunteer Maryland Coordinators do, I get to see the power of in-kind donations.  In-kind donations come from any person or business, discounting or donating any good or service.  For instance, a donation of lunches from local restaurants to volunteers made the build days that much more rewarding at Habitat for Humanity Choptank. The value of service is the service itself – but it never hurts to feel appreciated. In-kind donations go a long way to make the volunteers feel special.

It can also come in the form of service done for free – two professors from Anne Arundel Community College led a workshop on resume-writing for formerly homeless people now graduating from the Light House’s BEST Academy.  That small effort provided skills and confidence for the students that they could carry with them as they begin their job search.

Volunteer Maryland recently received a donation from Papa John’s Pizza that not only fed hungry Volunteer Maryland Coordinators, but made them feel honored with special treatment of getting all the works.  It is often the little things, more than the grand gestures, that have the greatest effect.

I wanted to highlight a few of the in-kind donations received this year to highlight the impact that they have on our work.  In-kind donations are one of the behind the scenes things that really help the nonprofit world to turn. It makes volunteers feel special, serves clients with the help they need, helps nonprofits keep their costs down, and gives businesses the chance to get involved in their communities.  So a big thanks to all those who help make the work that nonprofits do possible!

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