On Balance, Busyness, and Saying Goodbye

I began this service year with a blog post about time management and that age-old dilemma we like to call “work/life balance.” I knew my Volunteer Maryland Peer Leader service year would be busy, that each day would come with its own surprises, and that I would grow.

Indeed, all those predictions came to pass. There were days, many in fact, when my to-do list was so long and unwieldy, I had to laugh. Major events took place right before big reports were due. Three amazing opportunities to train AmeriCorps members all came up during the same week. And an extraordinary opportunity to serve at my host site had to be balanced with my Peer Leader responsibilities.

And, as my office mate at Volunteer Howard likes to say, we don’t work in a vacuum. Life happens as we juggle these rewarding, challenging work responsibilities. For me, that meant evenings full of homework help and weekends spent at youth swim meets. For many of our Volunteer Maryland Coordinators, that meant applying for graduate school, looking for work to do after the service year, and honoring family commitments very much like my own.

Tomorrow, we will all meet one last time for our Volunteer Maryland Class 25 Finale. We’ll be joined by Site Supervisors and others who have made our work possible.  We will celebrate our successes and marvel at how the service experience has changed us.  There will be speeches, food, silly photos and perhaps even a few tears as we say goodbye for now.

Speaking of goodbye for now, this will be my last blog post as a Volunteer Maryland Peer Leader. It has been a delight to share stories, ideas, information and even the occasional quandary on this blog. My hope is that like the many amazing Volunteer Maryland alums who supported my work, and even guest blogged, I will remain a part of the Volunteer Maryland world. It is a remarkable world, and it is hard to express how much richer I am for having become part of it.

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