New Horizons

As I watch the sunrise this morning on the 20th of September, I think quiet happy thoughts. It is the start of a new day, new experience and new beginnings. As I reflect on the summer, I think about all the new experiences I had. This summer was kind of a blur, but I still remember the voices of my summer camp kids. Cheers of joy, cheers of excitement and good times. I laugh about all the fun times I spent with my kids and how at times they made me want to pull out my hair!!! Field trips, camping, swimming at the community swimming pool and of course our big trip to Six Flags, it was crazy. I learned a lot over the summer and pushed myself beyond my limit but it was well worth it. As summer comes to an end, fall is on the horizon. Time to put away the shorts and T-shirts and roll out your comfy sweaters and have that faithful talk with your coffee pot, explaining to yourself that “vacation is over” it’s go time. We fall back into early mornings, long days and sometimes late nights; back to work we go with smiles on our faces. We get joy in our hearts because we love what we do! Many of us are “EXCITED” and find ourselves in a Mary Poppins” supercalifragilistic” state of mind. Parent’s faces gleam with the start of the school year as they send off their children with hugs and kisses, eagerly anticipating the school buses arrival to pick up the kids and whisk them away to the land of learning. I myself anticipate rejoining Volunteer Maryland again, for the launch of a new year with the next class of Volunteer Maryland Coordinators as a Peer Leader. I can hardly contain my excitement! This is my second term with Volunteer Maryland, and I am overwhelmed with joy. New experiences, new faces and most of all service, were there will be more chances for growth and success. Getting Things Done for America!

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