Nice to meet you, John B.

PB in Mini for blog

One recent day in the Volunteer Maryland office, Kerry Ose, came into my office and said, “Patrice! You have to go on Facebook right now!”  Kerry is a pretty cool customer, so seeing her so animated; I knew this had to be good.  There, in a Facebook group for Volunteer Maryland Coordinators from Class 25, was a picture of me, from my morning commute, taken by someone I did not know.  Weird, right?  Now for the really interesting part, the person who I will call John B. because that is his name, went to high school with Casey Lowe, a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator from Class 25.  She saw this photo posted by John B. as she was looking through her own news feed, and shared it with me.

I have many thoughts about this.  I drive a yellow Mini Cooper with a Charlie Brown stripe, so it is not like I am being shy.  I am used to honks, smiles, waves, finger pointing, one man even sang a song to me at a stop light.  But on this morning, during my routine commute, I became connected to a complete stranger through AmeriCorps.  Okay, yes my car had something to do with it, but at the core of this is AmeriCorps.  I would have never known about this photo if not for my connection to Casey.  A few posts back, I talked about how people motivate me in my work.  The connections that I make, and the relationships that form during each service year, continue to renew my commitment to Volunteer Maryland and AmeriCorps.  These connections and relationships form friendships, professional alliances, and it all started with service.

We are just under one week until we launch Volunteer Maryland, Class 26.  Our office is a bustling place as we prepare ourselves for the10 days of training to transition applicants into Volunteer Maryland Coordinators.  They will go from timid to tenacious during this time, and I can’t wait to get them started.

There will be many miles for me and my Mini over the next 11 months as we work with Volunteer Maryland Class 26, and maybe I will see you out on the road.  I hope we have a chance to wave, or smile as we go about our daily work.  Connections are everywhere, and I thank you for continuing to connect with Volunteer Maryland.  Talk to you soon.

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