Twelve Hundred Thanks

When the calendar turns to November, I begin looking at the many things I have to be thankful for. I love that. I think about my great family, and the wonderful friends that fill my life. I think about the adventures and anecdotes that fill a year with laughter, hope and humility. In all of this thinking and thanking is Volunteer Maryland. I love this job, but more importantly I love the people within it. Through this blog, you have met Laura Aceituno, Kerry Ose, Elena Felton and Taketra Haynes, Volunteer Maryland’s Support Team. They are an amazing group of people, that I truly do not thank enough for their hard work and dedication. They push and pull VM into new shapes and forms each day while continuing to build on what we do well. They are also hilarious, kind, supportive, and brilliant. Volunteer Maryland works within the Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives. This office is full of people dedicated to the citizens of Maryland, and we are glad we can join them in this service.

Right after the Support Team and our colleagues, I am thankful for the VMCs and Service Sites that we currently work with. You met our VMCs through this blog, and will continue to learn more about their work and their Sites that do amazing work supporting Maryland communities. The wall outside of my office has picture of each VMC along with the logo of their Service Site. It is a small thank you to these folks, with the hope that others that share the fifteenth floor at 301 West Preston will learn a bit more about the VMCs work, and the mission of the organizations we support. Volunteer Maryland asks each Service Site to designate a Site Supervisor. These folks work directly with the VMC in their work of volunteer program development and management along with the many other tasks and roles they play within the organization. Their role is one of the keys to a successful partnership with VM and success for the VMC. I am thankful for our work together, and the professionalism, support and guidance you provide the VMCs.

Photo Wall

Volunteer Maryland really has 1,200 thanks to give this year.  Five hundred and twenty three are to the Service Sites, past and present. I looked over the list right before starting this blog, and felt such amazing gratitude for our time together, and the continued commitment to excellence in volunteer programs. Six hundred and seventy seven go to AmeriCorps members, both VMC and VISTA that Volunteer Maryland has worked with over the years. I am humbled by all of your commitments to serve within communities that struggle, and renewed in service with each of your stories.

Simple thanks can never convey everything that your partnership, support and service have meant to Volunteer Maryland and to me.  I thank you for connecting with Volunteer Maryland, and wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Talk to you soon.


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