Volunteer Maryland Coordinator Spotlight- Kendra Tappin

Kendra Tappin is a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator who recently entered her second year of service at the Jubilee Association of Maryland.  The Jubilee Association of Maryland provides opportunities and support for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live in and enrich their community while fulfilling their personal, family, social, and spiritual needs.  Kendra’s training through Volunteer Maryland helped her develop a program that helps Jubilee clients both qualitatively and quantitatively, and implemented tools that measure program effectiveness and ensure sustainability.

Since her time with the Jubilee Association of Maryland Kendra has kept track of the impact she’s had at the organization as well as how that impact compares with previous years of the volunteer program.  In her years as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator for Jubilee the program has seen its highest increase in both the number of volunteers recruited and the hours they served.  Based on her research and data collection Kendra was able to ascertain that during the 2011-2012 year the organization saw 141 volunteers dedicate 2,177 hours to service and in the 2012-2013 year when Kendra served as the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator the organization saw those numbers increase significantly.  During that time Kendra recruited 187 volunteers for the Jubilee Association of Maryland which led to a record 4,028 hours of service donated and fostered increased service potential for the organization.

Currently, Kendra has recruited and is working with 130 volunteers from the National Institute of Health (NIH) as well as forty additional volunteers outside of the NIH Network.  The NIH volunteers are post-grad fellows doing a year or two of service between undergraduate and graduate school/medical school.  These fellows are engaged in training workshops that will equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to serve the clients of the Jubilee Association.  Upon completion of their training the volunteers will be placed in one of Jubilee’s many programs geared towards serving clients by helping them get more involved in social activities.  Volunteers will participate in a variety of programs including the second largest Jubilee Program, the Friendship Exchange, through which clients and volunteers spend one-on-one time with each other and engage in activities that fit the clients’ interests.

In the year and a half that Kendra has been part of the Jubilee team, she has been invaluable in helping the organization thrive and grow.  During her remaining time she plans to continue to assist in improving the quality of life for Jubilee clients.  Kendra will continue to assist in developing and implementing orientations and workshops geared at training volunteers for the programs clients are participating. Kendra also plans to recruit an additional 82 volunteers before her service term ends.  Because of her range of approaches to community engagement and recruitment Kendra has been instrumental in the continuation and implementation of the volunteer program at the Jubilee Association of Maryland and has nurtured a partnership between Volunteer Maryland and the organization that is insurmountable.


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