Service Through Kindness

The week of February 10 is Random Acts of Kindness Week.  This week empowers us to extend services of kindness to individuals facing challenges and critical issues. RAKtvist, as the individuals who take part in this week are often called, carry this week of kindness all year long.  Using the acronym, EMBARK -Enriching, Multitudes, By, Acts of, Random, Kindness, they are daily kind doers, ground shakers, and wave makers.  They don’t just speak of being kind to others; RAKtvisits make monumental movements toward bringing about change all over the world.

Each month during the 20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps, a different theme is highlighted and discussed across National Service programs.  February is education.  During RAK Week, AmeriCorps members can EMBARK in meaningful ways that can deepen their service experience around education.  Supporting students in learning, hosting book drives, supporting teachers, or committing to a regular volunteer position in an education setting are just a few ideas.  AmeriCorps service and RAK Week remind us all that volunteering and being engaged within our communities is needed and necessary to moving neighborhoods and our nation forward.

 “Service isn’t separate from our national priority or secondary; it’s integral to achieving our national priority. It’s how we will meet the challenges of our time” President Barack Obama.


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