Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You Will Go! was my favorite book growing up.  In fact I still fall in love with Seuss’s unique approach which ambitiously sets forth the story of what the future holds.  It is an optimistic tale that guides the reader through reflection of the decisions that shape our lives and where these decisions will take us personally and professionally. The VMCs are in the midst of shaping their professional futures.  They are reflecting on their goals set for the success of the service year in conjunction with their work at their service sites.  

Last week I spent some time catching up with some of the VMCs, discussing their achievements and brainstorming ideas for the coming months.  Last Friday, I ended my week traveling to the Eastern Shore to visit Volunteer Maryland Coordinator, Megan Sullivan.  Megan is exploring ways to build capacity and community connections through targeted outreach within Pocomoke City, and surrounding organizations with DDC.  By doing this Megan is increasing the pool of volunteers to serve as tour guides for the museum, and educators for the Center’s After School Academy.  The After School Academy’s program is specifically designed to connect Pocomoke City youth to interactive learning through crafts, storytelling and games on the preservation of cultural and natural heritage on the Delmarva Peninsula.

On the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland, specifically Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester county schools face the challenge of gaining access to funds that will provide opportunities to enhance classroom experience.  This increased need has moved DDC to become a source of learning for the public of which they serve.  Volunteers recruited by Megan for the after school program are teaching school age children core building skills in math and science by providing structured learning through discovery and adventure.   Since October, Megan has recruited two new volunteers that are serving as curriculum development assistants for the After School Academy.  These volunteers are creating program tools that will maximize the knowledge of the ecology and history guidelines set by the Maryland Public School Curriculum.  In total Megan is managing eight volunteers that have served a total of 302.5 hours at a dollar value service of $6,697, what a successful accomplishment.

Over lunch, Megan shared with me her ideas for fulfilling her professional goals as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator. Megan reflected on the impact not only her work has had over the last several months, but the service DDC provides to its community, and their continued commitment to enhancing the future of education.  Megan plays an invaluable role in the forthcoming of Delmarva’s future. She is a great asset to the organization and continues to contribute valuable ideas to the development of the volunteer program. Megan has been instrumental in the implementation of the volunteer program and is actively spreading knowledge of the center. It is through her diligent service that the museum will fulfill its mission to increasing their public awareness and enhancing the experience of their visitors. Megan is looking forward to seeing her plans of success unfold over the coming year, and so am I.  Megan is doing great work, which brought to mind a quote from Dr. Seuss, “You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so… get on your way! Oh, the places you’ll go!”


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