A Days Play at Port Discovery

PD group


Education through play is right up VM’s service ally, so we were inspired to provide a few hours on a sunny Saturday to kids and families. On February 22, Volunteer Maryland Coordinators Pamela Hargest, Sharon Baldwin, Roslyn Lindner, and Megan Sullivan, and I visited Port Discovery Children’s Museum in Baltimore. Port Discovery’s mission is to connect Baltimore City children ages birth to 10 years to critical skills of; creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, and problem solving through play. Using problem solving skills, Pamela helped children connect to science by crafting the Sound Sandwich, a musical instrument made with only craft sticks, rubber bands, and a straw. What delicious music they created. This opportunity provided a unique and diverse experience for both kids and Pamela.  In a short time Pamela was able to help increase the exposure of early aged children to quality play-based learning, which will lead to both short- and long-term positive outcomes, engaging the minds of tomorrow’s talented young students.

Roslyn, Megan, and Sharon helped young readers construct personalized bookmarks that told the story of their creativity. This creative exposure can help increase school readiness and success.

PD Big Brain

By helping Port Discovery guest stay connected to creative play, both independent and guided, Baltimore City youth and its surrounding communities are inspired to be creative thinkers and problem solvers. These very skills are crucial to success; bring about change, and motivating the young thinkers of tomorrow all in a day of purposeful play.


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