Connecting Directly to Service

Now that we are out of the gloomy wet weather phase, we can take time to reconnect to service. Volunteer Maryland Coordinators diligence and dedication drives the community and their passion for service influences and motivates everyone they meet. However, at times in this role they can feel removed from direct service in their day to day coordination duties, so this is when they turn to service to remind them of why they chose a term of service.

During many check in phone conversations, some of the VMCs mentioned the need for taking more time to reconnect to service, because it helps better understand the needs of the volunteers. I tend to describe the role of a VMC like hard worker bees, continually in motion working hard to keep their communities healthy. VMC Roslyn and Sharon mention at times we can lose sight of service and the role it plays within building a community. In my last blog I talked about giving back to students as a volunteer tutor helping with literacy. Volunteer Maryland Coordinator, Roslyn Linder really enjoys volunteering with FIRN clients, helping them improve their level of English through teaching ESL classes. Roslyn does this because she had been inspired by spending two years experiencing life as a foreigner in China, and she realized the many challenges foreign-born individuals have to face when immersed in a new environment. Volunteer Maryland Coordinator, Sharon Baldwin spends her direct service with Baltimore CASH families, helping them discover new skills in meeting their financial goals. Sharon commits her time to doing this because she is dedicated to helping people met their financial goals.

Engaging volunteers is the role of a VMC, so the numbers tell one story of service. However a deeper connection to community through VMCs providing volunteer service builds lifelong commitments to working in communities to make them safer, stronger and healthier. Not just one year, one person, but a continued lifetime of service to others.


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