Melissa Goldstein, Jubilee Association of Maryland

Throughout her high school years, Melissa was involved in Best Buddies, an organization that pairs student volunteers with individuals who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. Since then, Melissa spent time serving as a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician-Basic [EMT-B] for the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department. During this time, she received an award for volunteering 1,684 hours in one year! At that time she was also working full-time at the National Institutes of Health and pursuing a degree at the University of Maryland University College.

For Melissa, serving with AmeriCorps has been a long-term dream. Her parents raised her with the idea that doing “mitzvahs, aka good deeds” was what life was about. When Melissa interviewed for the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator position at Jubilee Association of Maryland, she felt a sense of belonging and decided that she wanted to follow this “right fit.”

Melissa loves the idea of being part of an organization that allows her to constantly give back to her community while working with others who are also passionate about making a difference. During her service year, Melissa wants to develop her public speakings, as well learn how to create and implement a volunteer program. She also hopes to develop her leadership skills, and looks forward to growing in all these areas as she prepares for graduate school and other new experiences.


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