Rubab Azeem, Maryland Food Bank Eastern Shore

Rubab Azeem is originally from Pakistan, and recently completed a master’s degree in Public Policy. A fluent speaker of English, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi, Rubab is also an avid volunteer who has served with the Arlington Public Library and the Embassy of Pakistan. Rubab chose to serve with Volunteer Maryland to learn more about career options, to gain professional skills, and to develop a career network while making a real and lasting impact in her local community.

While serving  as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with the Maryland Foodbank Eastern Shore, Rubab wants to explore other career options, develop a career network, become a better spokesperson, gain knowledge about the functions and operation of a nonprofit, and last but not least learn about various local resources available to solve community needs.

Rubab’s long-term goal is to work for the Department of State, and she is also interested in serving with the Peace Corps.


2 thoughts on “Rubab Azeem, Maryland Food Bank Eastern Shore

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