Patricia Burns, Ardmore Enterprises

A proud West Virginian, Patricia Burns has a fantastic track record of service in her adopted State of Maryland. Patricia has worked in healthcare administration throughout the Washington Metro area for many years, and her volunteer service includes teaching reading and library skills to children ages 4-10. She is an active member of the Working for Wellness and shut-in ministries at her church, and is also a member of the Community Emergency Response Team.

Patricia will be serving a second year as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Armdore Enterprises, a Prince George’s County nonprofit that serves adults with intellectual disabilities. During her first year, Patricia recruited volunteers from the Marlboro Churches Food Bank, American Red Cross and several other organizations.  She looks forward to a second year of working to meet the needs of the Ardmore community through its volunteer program. Patricia is especially excited about raising community awareness of the capabilities of the individuals served by Ardmore.

In particular, Patricia would like to increase partnerships with organizations whose members are interested in volunteering for one-on-one friendships with members of the Ardmore Community. Patricia knows such relationships will allow Ardmore’s individuals to become active in the community, improve their social skills, and increase their self esteem.


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