Lucas DiFabbio, Crossroads Community, Inc.

Lucas DiFabbio grew up in Guilford, Connecticut, and during his high school years, he got involved in the community through his church. Lucas credits his mother as his role model for volunteering, and his volunteer work includes supporting refugees and working with the intellectually disabled. Lucas is a graduate of Washington College on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and happy to return to the Eastern Shore, where he will serve as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Crossroads Community, Inc., which serves individuals diagnosed with a mental illness.

At Washington College, Lucas volunteered with Best Buddies, an organization that allows students to socialize with individuals who live with an intellectually disability. Lucas learned a great deal from this experience and believes those lessons will make a big difference as he serves as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Crossroads Community, Inc.

During this service year, Lucas hopes to learn the mental health profession while having a positive impact on those Crossroads Community seeks to empower.

Lucas believes his service with Crossroads Community, Inc. will reaffirm his goal of working in the non-profit sector and help him develop volunteer coordination skills. All in all, Lucas says, “I have no doubt that the time I spend at Crossroads Community will shape my path for the better.”


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