Jenny Beatty, STEMaction

This is Jenny’s second year as the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with STEMaction, and her fourteenth year of volunteering with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics programs in Maryland. About herself, Jenny says, “I understand little about robotics even after all these years of volunteering with robotics programs. What continues to keep me invested in FIRST are all the opportunities for problem-solving, teamwork, and connecting students to the real world of work.”

In 2004, Jenny co-founded NEMO to support mentors in FIRST programs. NEMO now has hundreds of registered mentors who self-identify as “NEM’s.” In addition to this accomplishment, Jenny has had a varied and interesting work history, including work as an RN, forest ranger and official “taste tester.” After years of volunteering, she says  “I realized the piece I enjoyed the most was working with the volunteers and that I wanted to learn more about the professional world of volunteer management.”

During her second year of service, Jenny hopes to improve on the skills she was introduced to through her Volunteer Maryland training. She enjoys the networking aspects of the position and says,  “A volunteer said to me ‘You are a navigator,’ and I realize that it is satisfying work to help volunteers get the information they need to do a good job and in turn, have a sense of belonging and satisfaction.”



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