Hye Mi Ahn, Maryland CASH Campaign

Hye Mi is the second youngest of six children, and the first to be born in the United States. She shares, “Growing up in two distinct cultures helped me embrace ‘otherness,’ the feeling and actuality of being different, an outsider; this influenced me to work for people who are marginalized in society, for example, seniors, disabled, and refugees.”

Hye Mi first served with AmeriCorps in 1998. About that experience, she says, “Doing direct service at a children’s hospital, food bank, and the Smithsonian was enough to pique my interest and lead me down the path of service for the greater good. Since then, I have occupied different roles and worked with different groups of people but the goal remains the same, to enable organizations to meet their goals and empower community members to work collectively while fulfilling their individual potential.”

Hye Mi experience includes service as a Peace Corps volunteer and an organizational development adviser for an environmental NGO in Cameroon. She shares, “I am proud to have worked with so many dedicated and bright people, educating seniors in Moldova on how to write petitions, raising funds so young females can attend school and become leaders in their hometown of Maridi, South Sudan, and helping a friend launch the very first social innovation organization in Cameroon.”

Hye Mi believes that “every individual has the right to the basic information, technologies, and services needed to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.”  To that end, Hye Mi is delighted to serve as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Maryland CASH Campaign, a state-wide network of organizations that promote financial stability for working families. About her service year, Hye Mi says, “Being a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator will build my knowledge and enhance my abilities to effectively manage a volunteer program and recruit high quality, dedicated volunteers to serve their communities.”


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