Liz Weiner, Baltimore City Recreation and Parks

Liz Weiner grew up in rural Pennsylvania, and while she loves her small-town roots, she also really appreciates life in Baltimore. After graduating from Goucher College and having had only a taste of life in Baltimore, Liz knew she wanted more time “to experience life as a resident rather than an on-looking student from the outskirts.”

Liz has served her community in a variety of ways; she was captain of the Goucher College Field Hockey Team, and has led both creative writing and knitting workshops for inmates at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Liz believes Baltimore City Recreation and Parks (BCRP) is an ideal site for her to serve as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator because it involves interacting with both people and nature. Liz, who has interned with BCRP, is passionate about the agency’s commitment to giving all people access to clean, safe, green spaces. During her year with Volunteer Maryland, Liz looks forward to learning about local government services as well as other resources that are available in Maryland.

Liz also hopes “to learn more about the communities within Baltimore City – their geography, economic viability, and general community presence.” In addition, Liz would like to increase her professional network and develop effective methods for project management. Liz’s long-term goal is a career in social services.


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