Bintou Ouattara, Moveable Feast

With a master’s degree in Negotiations and Conflict Management from the University of Baltimore, Bintou embraces challenges. She interned with the Baltimore Mediation Center, and previous to that she served with PRPC, an NGO in Burkina Faso that assists rural women in starting their own businesses. Bintou loves to conduct research on topics that interest her and feels most productive when she is impacting others’ lives through her actions.

Bintou became interested in serving as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator at Moveable Feast because she has what she describes as “a personal vendetta against HIV/AIDS.” Bintou hopes to acquire expertise in volunteer management through her involvement with Moveable Feast, and to improve her public speaking skills. Bintou’s long-term goal is to learn enough about nonprofit management so that she can realize her dream, which is to open a nonprofit in her home country of Burkina Faso to provide housing to stigmatized orphans of HIV/AIDS.


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