Chelsea Goldsmith, Baltimore Urban Debate League

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Chelsea Goldsmith has a great love for education, public history, and the fine arts. She is an avid museum-goer and plans on pursuing a master’s in Museum Studies.

Most recently, Chelsea has volunteered with the Carroll Museums, where she curated a gallery, planned free educational programs for the public, and taught students from Baltimore Public Schools about local history and the importance of museums.

Chelsea sees working in nonprofits as her calling, and believes Volunteer Maryland will allow her to delve into the nonprofit world while focusing on one particular area: volunteer management. Chelsea sees serving as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with the Baltimore Urban Debate League (BUDL) as an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to Baltimore and Maryland. She considers herself lucky to live in such a vibrant and interesting community, and through her service with Volunteer Maryland she will be working to ensure that there are equally vibrant cultural and educational resources from which all of the city’s residents can benefit.

Chelsea is passionate about out-of-classroom education and project-based learning, so BUDL’s work and mission truly resonate with her. By working with the small and effective team at BUDL, Chelsea expects to gain a valuable perspective on the different roles within a nonprofit, as well as the unique demands of such an organization.

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