Christy Green, Partners in Care

Christy Green is an avid reader, gardener and scuba diver. A Georgetown University alum, Christy grew up on the west coast enjoying hiking, camping and fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Christy also loves to volunteer and has served with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Dogs XL Rescue.

Christy has been a Partners In Care volunteer for the past year, so when an opportunity to serve there full-time as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator came about, Christy jumped on it. Christy loves the members and the staff at Partners in Care and can clearly see how its volunteer services improve community members’ lives and health. Christy enjoys communicating, learning and working with the elderly population served by Partners in Care and is eager to dive into volunteer program development.

During her service year, Christy is hoping to enhance her management and communication skills.

Christy regularly visits the island of St. Kitt’s and her long-term plan is to move there and write a history of the island from their elders’ point of view.


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