Emily Morrow, Seeds 4 Success

Emily recently spent five months abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and of that experience she writes, “The biggest lesson I learned was if you’re nervous or feel uneasy taking on a challenge, you should bite the bullet and do it. While there, I climbed mountains, bungee jumped, spent time living with a family from a local township, traveled to other southern African countries, and took classes in challenging subjects like genocide through colonization in Africa. I went into each of those experiences feeling nervous and unprepared, and I came out the other side feeling wiser and more confident.” Emily says she is approaching her service year the same way, and is ready to take on any challenges. Emily expects gain a wealth of new knowledge and confidence as she serves as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Seeds 4 Success.

After graduating from the University of Maryland and spending the summer interning, Emily says,  “I was unsure where to take my next steps into the career world. I was familiar with AmeriCorps and decided to look into it. I stumbled upon Volunteer Maryland, and it seemed like a great transition that would allow me to learn a lot and serve my state. I have aspirations to make a career in nonprofits, and Volunteer Maryland seems like a wonderful place to start.”

While serving with Seeds 4 Success, Emily wants to learn more about nonprofits and hone her planning and organizational skills so she can effectively recruit, train, manage, and support volunteers. Emily’s passion lies in environmental concerns, and she sees a clear connection between environmental causes and the work Seeds 4 Success does to support the education of Annapolis children. In the future, Emily hopes to pursue a graduate a degree and career focused on improving the lives of others.

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