Erin Josephitis, City of Greenbelt in partnership with CHEARS

Erin grew up in Lake Bluff, IL, where she says, “I spent as much time as possible playing outdoors in the protected prairies and forests preserves. From a young age, I was curious about nature and fascinated by caterpillars and butterflies. My family always encouraged me to be involved in giving back, so I chose to work outside gardening and restoring the natural state of prairies and forests whenever the chance arose.”

Erin visited Costa Rica, Spain, Greece, and Morocco while she was in high school, and these experiences nurtured her passion for plants and animals, which led her to pursue a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development from Rollins College. While at Rollins, Erin participated in and led volunteer events including shoreline cleanups, gardening projects, and energy efficiency workshops.

Erin sees service as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with the City of Greenbelt in partnership with CHEARS as “a calling to use my knowledge and skills in environmental studies, background in volunteering, and passion for helping others to make a positive impact on my community.”

During her service year, Erin is looking forward to developing her skills in Spanish, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), plant identification, and leadership. She explains, “It is very important that I inspire others to become environmental stewards so that the service projects and workshops I coordinate will replicate throughout the community even after my term is over. I want to teach others how to care for nature, grow fresh food, and minimize our ecological footprint. Serving as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator provides the unique chance to be a leader in solving today’s most pressing human and environmental needs.”

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