Brinley Holmes, CASA of Washington County

A graduate of Gettysburg College, Brinley Holmes has taught English in Vietnam, volunteered while studying abroad in Italy, and served as a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Brinley has two older sisters who are AmeriCorps alums, so she has decided that it’s her turn!  To that end, she is serving this year as Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Court Appointed Special Advocates of Washington County.

Brinley has grown up doing service and volunteering, and it has become a part of her life. Brinley shares, “I have always learned a lot from volunteering. I hope that by taking this time to focus on others, I will always learn more about myself and the professional direction I want my life to take. I am looking to gain confidence in myself with regard to becoming a professional. Brinley believes this service year will prepare her for life as a volunteer and for a future career.


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