Where Do You See Yourself in September?


As Outreach Manager with Volunteer Maryland, I operate in the future tense. My job is to  help people imagine a near future in which they partner or serve with Volunteer Maryland. Over the winter, I assist people with this thought experiment by traveling the State, meeting staff and board members from nonprofits, schools and government agencies. I get to learn about their work, which is in virtually every instance inspirational, and share with them about how partnership with Volunteer Maryland can help them engage volunteers to meet critical community needs.

What a gig, right?

Right now, I am in the thick of that travel. Over the next two months, Charlotte Davis of the Rural Maryland Council and I will host information sessions at the Accokeek Foundation, Adkins Arboretum, Quiet Waters Park, the Nonprofit Center in Westminster, the College of Southern Maryland, A Wider Circle, and the Greenwell Foundation. Phew!

In addition to these travels, this is the time of year when I facilitate webinars and speak individually with potential Volunteer Maryland partners, all with the hope of sharing Volunteer Maryland’s expertise, experience and resources with 30 organizations during our upcoming service year, which runs from September 2015 through August 2016.

The most extraordinary resources we share, are, of course, the Volunteer Maryland Coordinators themselves. Each year, 30 individuals commit to a year of serving full-time, helping the organizations where they are placed develop sustainable, effective volunteer programs. Programs in which volunteers directly serve community needs, make a measurable difference, and are well recognized for their efforts.

Throughout the next few months, I’ll share updates and observations about Volunteer Maryland’s journey into the future. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact me at kerry.ose@maryland.gov.



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