Celebrating AmeriCorps Week with UCAP

AmeriCorps Week acknowledges the hard work of AmeriCorps members and alums for their service. On Friday, March 13, Volunteer Maryland Coordinators Bintou Ouattara, Emily Morrow, Ronnetta Zack-Williams, Melissa Goldstein, Patricia Burns and I gathered for a service project at United Communities Against Poverty, an organization that provides solutions to alleviate poverty in Prince George’s County communities.

Ronnetta is the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with UCAP. She works to recruit, train, and manage a volunteer base of 1,000 plus volunteers to provide services to UCAP clients including; housing assistance, case management, emergency shelter, life skills training, and GED training just to name a few.


Our day at UCAP began with an outstanding orientation by Ronnetta. Our project focused on organizing the centers donations room. Following the orientation we headed to the donation center and were assigned stations. Ronnetta showed us how to organize the numerous bags of donations. It was amazing to see the quantity of donations the center acquired over several months and their importance to the patrons everyday lives.

During our time, UCAP staff and clients stopped by the donation center to thank us for our service. We all helped in a variety of ways. Patricia and Emily had the opportunity to gather clothing items for a UCAP client who was preparing for a job interview. We truly enjoyed this opportunity to help sort and organize the clothes, school supplies and miscellaneous products that would be given to the mothers and children receiving services from UCAP.

Emily Melissa patricia and emily Ronnetta

Volunteering with UCAP was a fantastic opportunity and learning experience. I will continue to remind myself that no matter how tough life may be, there’s always someone who has to face challenges that surpass my own. Our single reward that day was realizing that we helped make significant and positive changes in the lives of others. What a phenomenal way to wrap up AmeriCorps Week.


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