Lorna Scribner, Howard County Conservancy

Originally from Ohio, Lorna Scribner comes to Volunteer Maryland by way of Central America and the Bahamas. After graduating cum laude from Coastal Carolina University, Lorna’s work brought her to the Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation Shark Lab. There, she worked as a volunteer and then as an Assistant Lab Manager, “leading research crews, managing data, selecting and supervising volunteers, honing specialized skills in elasmobranch research and being apart of a tight knit team that ran a world-renowned shark research facility.” Upon leaving the research station, Lorna embarked on her “first backpacking trip through Central America.” In 6 weeks she “traveled through 5 countries, making memories and seeing some of the most amazing sites in the world”.

Lorna returned to the United States determined to find a job that would grow her professional skills and also make a meaningful difference in the community. As the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator at the Howard County Conservancy, Lorna will continue to develop her leadership and management skills while contributing to the environmental and educational mission of her organization. Although this journey was unexpected, Lorna is excited for her year of service!


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