Hannah Seligmann, Alice Ferguson Foundation

Hannah Seligmann is passionate about connecting communities with the natural world. She was motivated to serve with Volunteer Maryland and the Alice Ferguson Foundation by what she sees as “the critical need for Maryland to restore and preserve its waterways.” Hannah explains that, “everyone has a right to have access to clean drinking water,” and that she would like to help people overcome their disassociation with local waterways by bringing awareness to the importance of clean water and the how our actions impact local waterways and watersheds.

Determined to create and inspire lasting partnerships between people and nature, Hannah explains that “by creating a web of like-minded individuals, we can come together to make a big impact.”

Hannah earned a degree in sociology with a specialization in social justice in 2012 from Coastal Carolina University. In college, Hannah was very active with the university’s sustainability initiative, where she focused on engaging her campus community with eco-conscious outlets and responsible recycling.

Hannah is a proud girl scout, and was active with her troop for 8 years. In her spare time, Hannah studies medicinal botany, gardens, reads, travels, and spends time outdoors.


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