Andrea Zona, Asian American Center of Frederick

IMG_1729Andrea Zona is committed to serving her community as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator at the Asian American Center of Frederick (AACF). Inspired by personal experiences that opened her eyes to the issues facing her community, Andrea says, “I decided to volunteer with an organization that I felt akin to and that serves the direct community that my family and I live in. Though my experiences were challenging, I knew that there were other community members whose situations were much worse, and that I could help them using what I had learned. For me, the perfect fit is the Asian American Center of Frederick.” Andrea is especially interested in working on issues related to food security, health care, pregnancy resources, and affordable housing.

In looking toward the future, Andrea says she hopes, “to assist Frederick in becoming a more self-sustaining community by training volunteers who can empower other community members to be inclusive of each other’s cultural and ethnic differences, and who will fight to ensure healthy futures for all.” With VM and AACF, she hopes to gain skills in volunteer management, create productive partnerships, and gain a better understanding of the nonprofit world, so that she can do her part to improve it.

Andrea is a recent graduate of Hood College in Frederick, where she received a B.A. in art history and archaeology. Though she is now focused on community development and service, Andrea is still very much an archaeologist. She often dreams about moving to Egypt and finding Alexander the Great’s final resting place. In addition to archaeology, Andrea also loves music and soccer. She says she is thrilled that her son Quinn is already starting to kick his mini soccer ball around.


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