Debbie Franc, University of Maryland Extension Carroll County 4-H

IMG_1679Debbie Franc is a second-year Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with the Carroll County 4-H Program. Active with 4-H since she was a child, Debbie resumed her time with 4-H when she was raising her own children, and in 2006, Debbie’s husband started the Sparks 4-H Club, a technology-based club focused on robotics. The Super Sonic Sparks are a robotics team comprised of local youth who build robots and enter them into competitions. Debbie has traveled to six VEX Robotics World Championships, and is always astounded by the fact that every year, the Super Sonic Sparks come home with a special award.

Debbie returned to the Carroll County 4-H program as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator. Motivated by both her volunteers’ and her own dedication to the 4-H program, Debbie says, “4-H Club Leaders are a very special group of people because they often keep sharing their knowledge and skills even when their children age out of the program. Their dedication creates a cycle where many 4-H Club leaders’ children return to give back to the 4-H program.”

This year, Debbie hopes she will discover what she wants to be when she grows up. She also hopes that she will meet new people and continue making positive contributions to the organization that she loves.


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