Thelma Ekeocha, Olney Home for Life

IMG_1663Thelma Ekeocha is a forward thinker who is interested in learning more about how she can best help her community. A recent graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University, Thelma has a bachelor’s degree in international studies and French. When she was in college, Thelma was a leader of several student organizations. Through this activity, Thelma developed leadership skills like event planning and volunteer recruitment, which she knows will help her as the Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with Olney Home for Life.

After graduating, Thelma made the decision to devote herself to a year of service because she wanted, “first-hand experience of some of the social issues in my community.” She also wants to find ways to define and pursue her future career/life goals. Thelma is particularly interested in working with Volunteer Maryland and Olney Home for Life, because it gives her the opportunity to take a leadership position within a nonprofit organization in her community. In working with the Olney Home for Life, Thelma is eager to learn more about the social services available to elderly individuals in her community and to find out what she can do “to provide even better services to senior populations to ensure their independence and dignity.”  

This year, Thelma hopes to gain career development and leaderships skills that will further enable her to achieve her future goals of attending graduate school and eventually working in the nonprofit sector.


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