Rubab Azeem, Maryland Food Bank Eastern Shore

IMG_1661Rubab Azeem is now in her second year as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with the Maryland Food Bank of the Eastern Shore. Rubab began her time with Volunteer Maryland and the Food Bank after she graduated from George Mason University School of Policy, Government and International Affairs with her master’s degree in public policy. Having learned a lot about food insecurity in her community and volunteer management, Rubab is excited to begin another year of service with the Maryland Food Bank of the Eastern Shore’s Farm to Food Bank Program.

Rubab decided to commit herself to another year of service because of what she describes as the, “invaluable experiences and knowledge that I gained during my first year.” Last year, Rubab was able to recruit approximately 270 volunteers to harvest fresh produce from local farms to feed food insecure individuals. While working on the Farm to Food Bank Program, Rubab saw the deep impact of food insecurity on Maryland communities. She says that, “Though I may not be able to eliminate food insecurity in Maryland during my service, I want to motivate others to volunteer for an organization that is doing its best to do just that by feeding as many individuals as it possibly can.”

This year, Rubab hopes that she will continue to improve upon her volunteer management and networking skills, as well as learn how to plan recognition events. After this year, Rubab hopes, “to find a position that allows me to combine my education with new skills and experiences attainted as a result of my AmeriCorps service.”


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