Valerie, Moveable Feast

Valerie is a second year Volunteer Maryland Coordinator in her first year with Moveable Feast. Invigorated by opportunities to serve others, Valerie has a wealth of experiences to aid her and her site throughout the service year.
Valerie has served as an Executive Director for four non-profit organizations including the International Book Bank in Baltimore and Pittsburgh Cares. In addition to her stateside work, Valerie was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco and a Peace Corps Country Director in three West African posts. Valerie holds a PhD in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Iowa.

In 2013, Valerie resettled in Baltimore after more than three years overseas with the Peace Corps, and joined Volunteer Maryland in the summer of 2014. Service has always been a major part of Valerie’s life, and she says, “Service itself is my long-term goal. I am honored to serve with AmeriCorps, giving back in my home community, after several decades of work in education and nonprofit work in the U.S. and overseas. I thrill at finding different ways to serve people and organizations, whether it be paid or voluntary service such as AmeriCorps. Thinking optimistically, I have entered the last third of my life, having turned 60 this year. It feels right and appropriate to be book-ending my working years with Peace Corps service, more than three decades ago, and now a second year as an AmeriCorps member with Volunteer Maryland.”

Valerie is open to many possibilities for the future, but is very intent upon staying in Baltimore and serving the city’s community. She explains that, “In the aftermath of Baltimore City’s issues being laid bare to the world this Spring, I’m even more inspired to try to make a difference here, whether it be from the back office or the front line.”


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