Julie Arbit, Carroll County Forestry Board

IMG_1656A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, Julie Arbit has a passion for forest ecology. She first developed this interest in environmental studies by volunteering with the Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) organization, which introduced her to the world of sustainable food systems and led to an internship in Sobral Pichorro, Portugal where she worked on a rural restoration project on a terraced mountain.

Julie will bring this experience, along with her dual degrees in Environmental Science and Cognitive Science to the Carroll County Forestry Board and Piney Run Park as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator. “My position with Volunteer Maryland allows me to combine the familiarity I have within forest ecology with new territory of stewardship and education,” Julie shares, adding that she wanted to “spend a few years in national service to further dissect my interests within the realm of sustainability and environmental restoration” before returning to school  in this field. Julie would ultimately like to pursue a career involving ecological field work and research in the Mid-Atlantic region.

When she’s not working to save the trees, Julie is playing bridge. “I have earned a spot on a number of teams invited to travel nationally and internationally to compete in a variety of events,” Julie tells us. “My most recent claim to fame is a bronze medal from the World Youth Open Championship in Opatija, Croatia.” Accompanying Julie on many of these trips are her two kittens, Aemon and Lilah, who “adore travelling” and have become “proud mascots within the bridge world.”


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