Marcus Mosley, Baltimore Community ToolBank

IMG_1662Marcus Mosley is in his second year of service as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator with the Baltimore Community ToolBank. As a lifelong resident of Baltimore City, and primarily the Southwest Baltimore neighborhood where the ToolBank resides, Marcus’s service with the ToolBank is personally driven. He says that, “Living in different parts of the city, (and county) you see different things that have helped shape my view on this city and made me want to help in any way that I can.”

Marcus joins the ToolBank for a second year, because he understood just how much the ToolBank helped its constituents; even further than that, Marcus saw how he fit into the team at his site. He understood how he could help and how he has helped. Marcus says that despite some of the frustrations, “The results that we see from our community partners using our tools in their communities are astounding and they constantly remind us of why we do what we do at the ToolBank.”

Looking ahead, Marcus is hoping to gain meaningful life and work experience. He wants to continue to help as many people as he can through his work with the ToolBank, as well as develop professional skills such as time management.

 With a strong belief in the power of a good laugh, Marcus appreciates bringing humor to work, and looks forward to another positive year with Volunteer Maryland and the Baltimore Community ToolBank.


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