Anita Goehringer, St. Mary’s County Public Schools/Elms Environmental Education Center

IMG_1674Anita describes herself as a “process-driven, goal-oriented person who puts an “all in” energy into every activity and opportunity pursued.” She has a passion for nature and loves to garden. She is also an avid “upcycler,” and delights in turning what she calls “junk treasures” into new and exciting things.

Anita’s interest in the natural world is what led her to connect with the Elms Environmental Education Center, where she will be serving this year as a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator. Anita recounts her first conversation with her now-Site Supervisor at the Elms, in which Anita heard about her position and “couldn’t help saying, “you’re working my dream job.””  Formerly an Ergonomics Consultant, Anita had been looking for an opportunity to stay closer to home and make a difference in the environment. She is excited to renew her studies of biology, botany and environmental science and says she hopes to “enhance my teaching abilities” and “engage others in the exciting world of nature and help them want to be more environmentally conscious.”

Preserving and teaching others about nature is more than a job for Anita, it’s a lifestyle. She says that she is “most relaxed in the woods and mountains” and this is where she feels most “authentic.” During her year with Volunteer Maryland, Anita is excited to interact with environmental education everyday, which will help her in her “quest for knowledge in this field.” She says, “I believed this was my chance to give that nature-oriented career I had longed for many years ago a shot.”


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